April 12, 2024

Conference: “Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering; Contemporary Challenges for the Rule of Law”

On 12.04.2024 and 13.04.2024 the Laboratory of Studies on Transparency, Corruption and Financial Crime of the Law School of AUTH, in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Bar Association, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, the Hellenic Banks Union, and the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized a conference on: “Prevention and suppression of money laundering: contemporary challenges for the rule of law”, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Thessaloniki. ​The conference featured four thematic sections: a) Modern developments in the international and EU institutional framework for dealing with money laundering, b) Basic aspects of the preventive axis of money laundering: challenges and problems, c) Criminalization of money laundering: key problems for the rule of law, and d) The Anti-Money Laundering Authority and the prescribed measures of procedural coercion under money laundering legislation.  Professor Androulakis held a speech as part of the first thematic session, with the title: “Current initiatives to tackle money laundering on the European level”.

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