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Here you can find information about us and our practice areas, as well as about recent events and developments in Greek law.

Professor Nicolas K. Androulakis (1933-2019)

Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure

Dr. Konstantin N. Androulakis

Commercial, Banking and Criminal Law

Asst. Professor Ioannis N. Androulakis

Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure

Meet our experts

George Kintis, LL.M.

Criminal Law, Civil Law and Litigation

Dr. Maria G. Adamopoulos

Commercial, Maritime and Criminal Law

Katerina Elizaveta Nteeva, LL.M.

Criminal, Maritime and Commercial Law

Eleni (Elita) Sfakiotaki

Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure

Aphrodite Fykari, M.Sc.

Office Organization & Public Relations