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Asst. Professor Ioannis N. Androulakis

Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure
Asst. Professor Ioannis N. Androulakis
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Languages: Greek, English, German, French

Asst. Professor Ioannis N. Androulakis

Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure

Ioannis (John) Androulakis is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure at the University of Athens; President of the Council of Europe Conference on the Convention against Money-Laundering and Terrorist Financing (ETS 198); and a practicing criminal lawyer since 1997, specializing in issues relating to financial crime and transnational criminal proceedings, with extensive experience in criminal risk management, criminal litigation and compliance controls. He serves periodically as an advisor of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice and as a UNODC consultant, and is the national representative to the Implementation Review Groups of the UN Conventions against Corruption and Transnational Organized Crime, the President of the Legislative Committee for the current Greek AML/TF Law, the head of the delegation of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice to the FATF and member or delegate in numerous other legislative committees, expert groups and evaluation mechanisms, including the OECD Working Group on Bribery, the Council of Europe ad hoc Group on Transnational Organized Crime, the ARO Platform Subgroups, and the EU Second Opinion Network on the EU Anti-Corruption Report. He was Co-President of the DROIPEN group during the 2014 Greek EU Presidency, an Alexander Onassis Foundation Scholar (Universities of Göttingen and Halle-Wittenberg), a Fritz Thyssen Foundation Scholar (University of Munich), an OEAD Scholar (University of Vienna), an IVLP Alumnus (United States) and a visiting Professor at the University of Augsburg (Erasmus). Ioannis is a member of the Hellenic Criminal Bar Association and in 2021 was elected Member of the Board of the Greek Society for Criminal Law

His work includes

  • Criteria of a Fair Criminal Trial according to Article 6 of the ECHR, 2000;
  • The Globalization of the Fight against Corruption, NOMOS 2007;
  • Bid-rigging and Criminal Law, 2008;
  • From the “Heraklion” to the “Express Samina”: The criminal law assessment of shipping accidents, Nautical Law Review 2011, pp. 353ff.;
  • The elements of the right to a fair trial derived from the general clause of Article 6 par. 1, in: Kotsalis (Ed.), The European Convention on Human Rights and Criminal Law, 2014, pp. 351ff.;
  • The execution of judicial deportation and the lifting of its consequences, 2017,
  • The State of Implementation of the UNCAC”, N.Y. 2015, 2nd ed. 2017, a study commissioned by the UNODC.;
  • Extradition, International Cooperation and Cross-Border Crime, Greek Law Digest 2019;
  • more than 30 other articles and scientific contributions.
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